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Mission Impossible III

Scene 1: Humpty Dumpty To break into the Vatican, Ethan Hunt must successfully get over the walls surrounding the city. After  scaling the outer wall, Ethan falls to the other side safely, thanks to his spy equipment which was attached to the top of the wall. The physical question I am trying to answer in this scene is, what was Ethan's final velocity as the wire catches him before he goes splat. The equation I will be using is vf2 = vi2 + 2ad. The relevant quantities I would need to answer for this question would be; initial velocity, acceleration, and distance. Ethan’s initial velocity is 0 m/s, because he was laying on top of the wall before he fell. The acceleration is -9.8m/s2 because that is the standard acceleration due to gravity. Before Ethan fell to the other side of the wall, he measured his distance from the ground and got 16.55 meters. The wire caught Ethan about .25 meters above the ground, so the distance he traveled was 16.30 meters. With these quantities I am able …

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